What is Customer Development?

The Customer Development methodology details a scientific approach that can be applied by startups and entrepreneurs to improve their products success by developing a better understanding of their consumers. Primary to the concept is a balanced relationship between developing a product and understanding the customer. (source: Wikipedia)


What is Lean Startup?

"Lean Startup" is an approach for launching businesses, products and services that relies on validated learning, scientific experimentation, and iterative product releases to shorten product development cycles, measure progress, and gain valuable customer feedback. In this way, companies, can design their products or services to meet the demands of their customer base without requiring large amounts of initial funding or expensive product launches (source: Wikipedia)


Lean startup is not only for startups but the method is very useful for launching new products or services or find new niches for your product.


Why a Solution Team in Poland?

  • Make your learning cycle shorter and more efficient
  • Create real value for your (potential) customers according proven method
  • Don't waste (money) but create value
  • Save up to 80% of your operational costs to your own solution team
  • More then 15 years experience
  • Very experienced in innovative software development, online marketing, Big Data and operational management
  • Use the highly educated and motivated Polish workforce
  • Stay in control of your own team but save on costs
  • Take advantage of the (European) subsidies in Poland
  • Many examples of innovative startups like Dropbox, Aardvark but also multi million business like Intuit.
  • Poland has a big and fast-growing local market
  • Same timezone as Western Europe

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How does a Solution Team work?

The most important success factors of launching an Internet product or service is an extreme motivated team that has access to the right experience and knowledge.


The team can be divided in a problem- and a solution team. The problem team starts to analyze the behavior of the potential clients and design experiments to test the hypothesis to hit the product market fit. The solution team provides (temporary) solutions to run an experiment to validate if the hypothesis was right.


If you have the problem team, ContentForces can provide the solution team (or extend your solution team). The solution team includes besides people, also the process and the tools. Lean Startup as a Service. Read more


People <-> Process <-> Tools


  • ContentForces offers solution teams that will corporate very close to the problem team. The solution team is used to work under extreme uncertainty, they can act very fast and adapt communication on the level of the problem team. The solution team is experienced with solutions varying from the smoke tests, the so called "concierge Minimum Viable Products (MVP)" till high-end software solutions.



  • ContentForces managers have more then 15 years experience in starting and running Internet companies. During that time we worked according agile methodologies like scrum and lean startup. ContentForces has the flexibility to adapt methodologies to the needs of the team



  • ContentForces provides an integrated tool with iterations, collaboration, sharing, predictive analytics, campaign- and content management functionality. The tool can be configured or integrated with custom dashboards, Validation Board, Business Model, Canvas, Lean Canvas, Kanban and more.

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For who is the Solution Team?

  • Startups
  • Informal Investors & Venture Capitalists
  • Professionals that want to create a Startup
  • Spin-Offs
  • Middle sized Enterprises
  • Multinationals

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How can we start?

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